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Technology Sourcing, Inc. (TSI) delivers innovative technology solutions that create value and efficiencies within our clients’ IT infrastructures. From network support to disaster recovery, our services and expertise are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients through ongoing support as well as on-demand solutions.

Our strategic support empowers our customers to overcome IT challenges and create effective network solutions.This enables small- and mid-sized companies to focus on their strengths and position themselves alongside larger competitors.

At TSI, our expert professionals and skilled engineers keep current with industry advancements and certifications, delivering measurable value and a competitive edge.

We anticipate needs and eliminate potential problems long before they can affect our clients’ IT networks. Our proactive strategy helps businesses break away from the traditional reactionary approach to IT management and fully leverage their technology resources for optimal profitability.

Our Founder

At TSi, we are committed to providing comprehensive IT services with a focus on excellent customer service. Our people are the cornerstone, and I invite you to learn a bit more about them.

Louie DeGradi

Vitals: 18 years with TSI as founder and CEO 30 years of IT industry knowledge including Technical Sales and Support

Strong Suit: Understands complex business needs and has the ability to facilitate multi-levels of service.

Track Record: Started as an Engineer and rose to Management to Owning and Operating a successful IT business.

Last year when our company realized it was time for a complete network overhaul TSI was brought on board. From the initial meetings, ideas and expertise we were convinced we made the right choice. Their expert staff was on site daily for support and reassurance throughout the project. They also provided cost saving ideas when we needed it most. TSI has become an important extension of our staff. We look to TSI for advice on projects as well as technical support issues. They have become a valuable business partner.

Kristine M. Koerner

IT Manager