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Your data is a critical component of your business. Unfortunately, disaster can strike at any time, paying no mind to your hard work and efforts. TSI’s Disaster Recovery Solution helps you maintain business continuity in the face of unexpected trouble.

Our Disaster Recovery Solution will protect your small- or mid-sized business from network failures through an automated process that delivers Rapid Server Recovery. Regardless of whether the failure was caused by human error, a hardware malfunction or a major disaster, our services help you retrieve critical data when you need it most.

Even if you diligently perform networks backups yourself, a natural disaster on your premises can destroy all your good intentions – along with your original data and backups. Our unique solution backs up your data to our remote, off-site data center. Using the most powerful cryptographic methods in the industry, the backup can be performed at night when your computer systems aren’t being used. The process doesn’t hold up productivity and enables complete security for your data.

Some key features of the TSI Disaster Recovery Solution include:

  • Automated Scheduled Backups:

    There’s no need to manually back up your data or change the tape. Your backups are performed on schedule and are completely automatic.
  • Secure Encryption:

    TSI ensures your data is backed up safely and securely, utilizing software that supports multiple encryption standards.
  • Fast, Streaming Transfers:

    Our software compresses your data files into archives that are only a fraction of their original size, enabling rapid encryption and transfer speeds.
  • Easy, Quick System Restores:

    TSI can restore your data using a simple interface that lists all available files. As part of our exclusive Version Control system, we can choose to restore any version of your files or data, not just the latest version. And, better yet, files can be restored to any location.

Don’t let a natural disaster destroy your business. TSI’s Disaster Recovery Solution can be your lifeline for network security and put the power back in your hands.